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parrotJOY Trivia Night Recap

parrot trivia night

The October 23rd parrotJOY trivia night was a great success! We had a total of ten participants and raised $200 for All Parrot Rescue in Graham, Washington. During this online trivia night, we used Zoom to unite parrot lovers from all over the country to answer wacky parrot trivia questions with topics including: biology, pop culture, geography, history, and more!

Trivia night was hosted by Ram Papish, wildlife illustrator and parrotJOY. The contestants were challenged with 35 unique and creative parrot related questions, and everyone rose to the occasion.

Our overall trivia night winner was Lauren L., followed by Karen G. in second, and a team of Elizabeth and Zai S. in third. The raffle winners were Kate I. and Elizabeth and Zai. The raffle winners will receive prizes. Kate will receive a custom bird profile logo and Elizabeth and Zai will have three parrotJOY toys shipped their way!

Thank you to everyone that made the parrotJOY trivia night a success!

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