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All natural bird toys featuring:

  • Non-toxic parrot toys
  • Eco-friendly bird toys
  • Biodegradable materials
  • No plastic
  • Natural colors – no dyes
  • No glue
  • No nylon or cotton cord
  • Vegan bird toy substitutions at no additional charge – just ask!
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Our toys are designed by a wildlife biologist to maximize health benefits:

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These birds shared their parrotJOY! Check out our album and submit your bird to be featured!

Tired of the same old boring bird toys? parrotJOY delivers one-of-a-kind toys designed by a wildlife biologist. Our toy designer has spent hundreds of hours observing birds, including parrots, engaging in natural foraging and nesting behavior. Each parrotJOY bird toy is hand-crafted to mimic the shapes, materials, colors, textures, and challenges that our birds would see in nature. parrotJOY promises to deliver unique all-natural toys that keep your bird interested.

Is your bird new to toys? Is your bird afraid of toys? We specialize in designing toys for birds that are afraid of toys.

Is your bird too needy? Toys can help! Our mission is to improve the cage experience, thus relieving stress on both parrots and their human caretakers. The cage should be a fun safe retreat for your bird. parrotJOY makes it easy for you to create an enriching cage environment by providing stimulating fun all natural toys that your bird will look forward to spending time in. As your parrot discovers the JOY of foraging and destruction, her confidence and curiosity will grow. Destructible toys and foraging toys are a primary method of creating a more empowered and independent parrot. When your bird feels the JOY, we know you will feel the JOY… because nature is the best form of enrichment!