parrotJOY for Enrichment!

parrotJOY delivers the best (that’s right the BEST!) natural bird toys to provide hours of enrichment for your birds! We SPECIALIZE in purposeful habitat enrichment to encourage independent play. Designed by a wildlife biologist, each one of our all natural bird toys is specifically crafted to mimic the sights, textures, colors, and challenges your bird would encounter in the wild. As a result, our toys benefit your bird by improving balance, strength, problem-solving, feather health, and beak condition.

If you are looking for natural foraging toys, or perhaps toys for a bird that is usually afraid of toys… you have come to the right place! Birds are instinctively drawn to the natural colors, texture, and careful design of parrotJOY toys.

But, don’t just take our word for it, the birds are the real experts…

We would love to see your birds playing with parrotJOY natural parrot toys! Email at parrotjoy [at] parrotjoy [dot] com or tag us on social media @parrotjoybirdtoys to get your bird featured in our gallery of parrotJOY. We are also happy to keep your photos private (but we still love to see them!!!). Share your JOY!