We support parrot rescues

We love supporting rescues through toy donations, volunteering, and fundraisers! Benefiting rescues have included All Parrot Rescue and Flying Colors Aviary located in our home state of Washington, Rockford’s Rescues in Texas, Foster Parrots in Connecticut, and Birds of a Feather Rescue in New Mexico. We host fundraisers including Parrot Trivia Night to raise funds for rescues, research, and wild parrot conservation. Please reach out if you know of a need. Additionally, we offer these great programs to help parrot rescue:

We encourage all people considering adopting a parrot to volunteer at a local rescue for a few months. Get to know the birds. Foster birds in your home if you can. This is the best way to find out if a parrot is a good fit for your home.

Please follow us on Instagram for upcoming toy auctions to benefit wild and companion parrots, and for details about upcoming Parrot Trivia Nights!