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parrotJOY Sponsors a Blue-throated Macaw Nest Box in Bolivia

parrotJOY is proud to support Blue-throated Macaw recovery through sponsoring a nest box at Reserva Laney Rickman in Bolivia.

Laney Rickman developed the Nido Adoptivo™ nest box campaign in 2007 in partnership with Asociación Armonía to raise funds to build nest boxes for the critically endangered Blue-throated Macaw in their endemic range in Bolivia. To-date over 100 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have fledged from these nest boxes. We are excited to be part of this growing recovery project!

To-date over 100 Blue-throated Macaw chicks have fledged from the nest boxes, a truly significant number. As a result, the IUCN listing for the Blue-throated Macaw has changed from “Critically Endangered – declining” to “Critically Endangered – stable.” The success of this program is further demonstrated by the five breeding adults from the 2018-2019 breeding season confirmed to be ringed individuals, having fledged from the nest boxes in previous years, returning to breed. This is an important indicator of increasing population recruitment where fledged birds survive and reproduce, showing the success and positive impact of this program.

Please consider contributing to the future of these beautiful, intelligent parrots! Visit to make a donation.

All photos in gallery © Asociación Armonía